Destiny 2 Development Roadmap – 3/16/2018

Game Director Christopher Barrett:

In less than two weeks, Update 1.1.4 will be available to install, bringing many quality of life changes to Destiny 2. Late in development, our team discovered a major issue impacting Heroic Strike Modifiers. Changing the design to fix the issue meant pushing Heroic Modifiers out to 1.2.0, but we will be able to use the extra time to add more variety than was in the original plan.

Starting March 27, the Weekly Crucible Playlist will become available to all. This playlist will contain Rumble, Mayhem, and 6v6 Iron Banner to start. Here’s a calendar for when you can expect these game modes to appear through the week of May 1:

  • Mar 27: Rumble
  • Apr 3: Mayhem
  • Apr 10: Iron Banner
  • Apr 17: Rumble
  • Apr 24: Mayhem
  • May 1: Iron Banner
We’re excited for you to get your hands on these modes, along with the upcoming Sandbox tuning and Crucible changes detailed in last week’s TWAB. Stay tuned for more information about 1.2.0 in April, as we’ll be giving more details on what to expect from Exotic Masterworks, Seasonal Crucible Rankings, Heroic Strike Modifiers, and more.

<3 Chris


This Week At Bungie –3/15/2018

This week at Bungie, we are welcoming back faction leaders to rally your support.

The factions are coming back next week to duke it out again. New Monarchy has lived up to its name, dominating the last three events in a row. Dead Orbit looks to return to glory, and Future War Cult is desperate to get its first win on the board. Next week, all three factions will have their shot. Faction Rallies kicks off at 10 AM PDT on Tuesday, March 20.

Pride isn’t the only thing on the line. New weaponry is now available. Here is what’s been added to the packages reward pool:

Those are not the only new weapons up for grabs. Whichever faction has the most redeemed packages at the end of the event will make their prized weapon available for purchase. Anyone who pledged to the winning faction will pick it up for 1,000 Glimmer. Those who were not loyal can still get it, but it’s going to run them a steep 50,000 Glimmer. Here are the offerings the factions have to entice you to join their cause:

Future War Cult Sniper Rifle

New Monarchy Grenade Launcher

Dead Orbit Sniper Rifle

Their fates are in your hands. Choose wisely. 

Faction Vacation

This will be your last chance at earning the ornaments for Season 2, so if you are missing anything, you’ll want to make sure you grab it before victory week ends on April 3rd. If you are missing any emblems, you will need to pledge to the faction you are missing before March 27. After that, Faction Rallies will be taking some time off while we work to make the event even better. We spoke with the Seasons team about their goals for the upcoming Faction Rallies improvements, planned for Season 3. 

Seasons Team: We have been reviewing player feedback on Faction Rallies and are planning to make some fundamental changes to the event. Here are a few of the overall goals we are trying to achieve: 

  • Pledging to a faction should be a meaningful choice.
  • Rewards should not be time-gated.
  • Faction Rallies should provide a unique gameplay experience and not simply be a reward layer on top of the existing game.
  • The event should grant additional insight into faction lore and goals.
  • It should build upon player interest in Lost Sectors and armor ornament objectives.

I know, you want the juicy details on how we are going to accomplish these goals. As we get further along in development, we will share more with you on how this event will evolve in the future.

What Does “High Score” Mean?

Every week, we plan on showing you the three highest-scoring fireteams from the previous Nightfall. Last week, there were some monster scores on “The Pyramidion.” If you are wondering how these Guardians were posting such astronomical numbers, some of the hardcore players in the community discovered a creative method of juicing their scores in Lost Sectors. We’re looking at a fix in 1.2.0, but until then, we’ll see who can be the most efficient at running up the score with these methods. Game on!

Helpful Companions

There is a team that serves as the watchful Guardians of the #Help forum. You know them as Destiny Player Support. 

This is their report.

Destiny 2 Companion App

Since the Destiny 2 Companion App update became available last week, players have been reporting difficulties in applying shaders, spawn effects, modifications, perks, or Masterworks to gear.

Through investigation, we have found that players who disable notifications on the Companion App are unable to confirm the application of their desired changes. If you are encountering this issue, enable notifications to resolve this issue.

Nightfall Emblem Variants

As of Destiny 2 Update 1.1.3, each strike offers a unique emblem that can be earned when the strike is featured as a Nightfall activity. Additionally, each emblem has multiple emblem variants that may be unlocked when players reach specific Nightfall strike par scores.

We’ve been witnessing some confusion in the #Help forum from players asking why they did not receive an emblem variant on their first Nightfall completion, even when they were meeting a par score. There’s a chance for emblem variants to be awarded to players upon Nightfall activity completion when they meet par score requirements, and it may take multiple Nightfall completions to earn. Additionally, emblem variants can be earned on either Normal or Prestige difficulty, but some par scores may be achievable only on Prestige difficulty.

The Shape of Destiny

The Creations page is where it’s at for community art and videos. Since the beginning of time, we’ve been highlighting our favorite communitycreated videos each week and awarding an emblem to the creators. Make sure you go and vote for your favorites—it helps us identify which ones are already standing out among the community.

Let’s get to the movies.

Movie of the Week: DRUMS!

[embedded content]

Honorable Mention: “Borealis? At this time of year?”

[embedded content]

Honorable Mention: Saved!

[embedded content]

We’ve been monitoring the response and gathering your feedback about all of the Sandbox and Crucible changes we told you about last week. We’ve heard a lot of feedback on in-air accuracy. The Sandbox team let us know that in the upcoming “Go Fast Update,” they are increasing hip fire accuracy and ADS accuracy for Hand Cannons on consoles. They also said they would take another look at in-air accuracy and do some testing after Update 1.1.4 goes live.

Speaking of 1.1.4, we’ll be back next week with some more info on the update you will be playing in less than two weeks! We’ll also show off the new Nightfall Unique Rewards.

We’re planning to update the Roadmap tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, I’ll be pledging to Future War Cult to try to get them a win. Who’s with me?

<3 Cozmo


This Week at Bungie – 3/08/2018

This week at Bungie, Lord Saladin returned to host the final 4v4 Iron Banner. New weapons are directly available from Saladin’s stock, or can be earned through Iron Engrams. This isn’t your last chance to earn those Season 2 ornaments, as Iron Banner will return after Destiny Update 1.1.4 is released, featuring 6v6 gameplay.

Speaking of Update 1.1.4…

Gotta Go Fast

Last week, Cozmo asked you fine readers to set an agenda on what we’d talk about in this week’s article. The overwhelming response: Sandbox!

While we’re still in the process of finishing development on 1.1.4, Senior Crucible Designer Kevin Yanes and Design Lead Josh Hamrick are here to get a bit more granular with what’s coming on March 27.

Kevin: Hey everyone, Kevin here from the Crucible team. I’m dropping by to share the details on the rest of our changes heading into Update 1.1.4. As Derek mentioned in last week’s TWAB, Iron Banner, Rumble, and Mayhem are making their triumphant returns to Destiny 2 with a few twists. Iron Banner has become 6v6, Mayhem features 90% fewer nova bombs (fixed this issue found during the Dawning), and Rumble has welcomed two additional players into the fray. There is a lot to get excited about in Update 1.1.4 but something the team really wanted to do was go back and refine the core experience. 

Looking at the feedback, it was clear that the community felt there were two key areas for improvement with the Crucible: “Time to Kill” and “Team Shotting”. So we set our sights on re-working systems, mechanics, and values to tackle those two areas.

“Does this mean you’re changing the Time to Kill?” 

When we looked at the core feedback on “Time to Kill” in the Crucible, we saw that it mostly stemmed from a lack of excitement or spikes of intensity you all came to expect from a Destiny experience. This came in the form of feedback that stated the game was too slow, or the core loop was too stale. We agree, and have worked with Sandbox to increase the pace of the Crucible as a whole. Josh is going to speak to all of the Sandbox changes here in a bit, and I won’t steal his thunder. So alongside all of the great changes the Sandbox team has made, we’re setting our sights on making the Crucible a faster, more dynamic, and more action-packed experience on the activity side.
Let’s get down to brass tacks on how we’re planning to change the Crucible and the delivery of the goal stated above. Here is an overview of the changes we’re bringing in 1.1.4: 
  • Respawn and Revive were tuned in all game modes
    • Player respawn timers for all Quickplay modes have been reduced to 2s.
    • Player respawn timers for Survival have been reduced to 7s
    • Revive lockout time in Countdown has been reduced to 7s
    • Players no longer lose Revive Tokens on death
  • Power Ammo respawn timers were adjusted across the board
    • Power Ammo respawn timers in Iron Banner have been reduced ~50%
    • Power Ammo respawn timers for all Quickplay modes have been reduced ~30%.
    • Power Ammo respawn timers in Survival have been reduced ~40%.
    • Power Ammo respawn timers in Countdown have been reduced ~25%
  • Ammo counts have been adjusted in relation to these timers, and in relation to weapon type.
    • In almost all cases weapons either retained the same ammo count or received a buff. Swords and rockets were brought down to stay in line with the rest of the weapon offering.
  • Enemy players now drop their Power Ammo on death.
    • This brick is now networked to all players regardless of faction. Secure the power ammo to keep it from your foes or steal off your enemy’s ghost, but be quick because these bricks don’t stay in the world forever.

All these changes coalesce to create an experience that relies less on clumping with your team and focuses more on rewarding quick reflexes, thinking, and movement. 

“But what about Competitive?”

During development of 1.1.4, we realized that while we’d reduced the “Team Shotting” in Quickplay and Iron Banner effectively, we hadn’t quite done the same to Competitive. Knowing this, we looked for a change that reinforced the following goals: reduce team clumping, reward individual plays, and incentivize flanks. With those goals in mind we looked to take a big step in shifting the gameplay in Competitive and Trials: starting in 1.1.4 we’ve opted to remove the Tracker from all Competitive and Trials game modes. 

This means more communication is required to secure victories in Competitive and Trials matches. It also means that a crispy flank with Power Ammo is all the more powerful. Subverting expectations and reading opponents is more potent in matches with no Tracker. In playtests we’ve already seen some clutch underdog comebacks and we can’t wait to see what you all do in Competitive and Trials starting with 1.1.4. That said, we’re always listening and reacting to feedback so please tell us what you think about this change and all of our 1.1.4 changes once they go live. 

Thank you so much for your time in reading and playing. We’re proud and excited of the work we’ve done on 1.1.4 and look forward to meeting you on the battlefield. Next up Hamslamrick with some Sandbox goodies. 

Hamrick: Hello friends! As I mentioned last time, our goal for this update is to provide individual players with more hero moments by increasing overall speed and mobility, increasing the number of supers you charge to demolish your enemies, and increasing the frequency and impact of our most montage worthy power weapons, especially in the Crucible. With Update 1.1.4 drawing ever closer, it feels like a good time to swing back by and provide some updates and additional clarity to what this patch will bring. 

The first thing you should know: we are VERY excited for this update to go live. After weeks of solid play-testing, some with external participants, we feel like this is really shaping up to be an update you will be happy with. Huge shout out to everyone involved that helped the list of possible changes grow instead of shrink. Also, to those who play-tested and gave us quality actionable feedback.

Now, here’s an updated version of the list of changes first detailed in the February 1 TWAB. New and/or updated entries are highlighted in bold:
  • All three glides plus Catapult and Strafe Lift have been retuned and buffed to make them faster and more unique.
  • The mobility stat range has been expanded and completely retuned as well. In short, everyone gets faster and the high end is higher.
  • The players’ ground speed cap has been increased, allowing for faster total movement speed, regardless of how you may get there.
  • Arcstrider, Sentinel, and Striker all move faster, and at the same speed as one another, while in their Supers.
  • Arcstrider, as a whole, is performing well in PvP but mostly due to its neutral game perks. We’ve made the following changes in an effort to get the Super to be a more competitive option:
    • Faster Attack Animations.
    • Faster Dodge Animations.
    • Increased range of all attacks.
  • The previous Shoulder Charge changes are being reverted, allowing Shoulder Charge to be used as a movement mode once again.
  • Dawnblade has been improved:
    • Reduced cost for throwing swords, allowing for one additional throw
    • Increased super duration extension gained from “Everlasting Fire”
    • Removed all in-air accuracy penalties while “Swift Strike” is active
    • Reduced the Icarus Dash cooldown
    • Increased the Grenade and Melee energy “Heat Rises” gives you per kill
  • Invisibility on Dodge / Smoke Updates:
    • Invisibility on Dodge no longer breaks Aim Assist or Projectile Tracking in PvP (unchanged in PvE)
    • Dodging still breaks both Aim Assist and Projectile Tracking, but only for the duration of the actual dodge
    • Increased the duration of Invisibility on Dodge by 1 second
    • Increased the duration of Smoke Bomb Invisibility by 1 second
  • Supers recharge faster for everyone!
    • Supers now recharge 1:40 faster, a cooldown reduction of 25%.
  • Mods that reduce Grenade, Melee and Class Ability cooldowns have been buffed to allow for up to 2x faster cooldowns.
    • This is NOT replacing Mods 2.0, which was recently delayed. More information is available below.

We’ve buffed several weapon archetypes (including, but not limited to, Hand Cannons, Pulse Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Shotguns) and a few specific perks, as well. A key goal here is to make Shotguns, Snipers, and Fusion rifles more prevalent in the game.

  • Pulse Rifles
    • Increased PvE damage for all pulses
    • Increased rate of fire for adaptive and high-impact pulses
    • Increased base damage for adaptive, high-impact, and rapid-fire Pulses
    • Increased precision multiplier for lightweight pulses
    • Decreased precision multiplier for adaptive pulses
    • This keeps precision damage close to where it is now, putting most of the buff into body shots, though it is still an increase in precision damage overall.
  • Scout Rifles
    • Increased PvE damage for all scouts
    • Increased base damage for High-Impact Scouts
  • Hand Cannon
    • Increased PvE damage for all Hand Cannons
    • Increased precision multiplier for precision hand cannons
    • Increased hip fire accuracy on consoles
    • Increased ADS accuracy on consoles
  • Sidearms
    • Increased PvE damage for all sidearms
    • Increased hip fire accuracy
    • Increased ADS accuracy
    • Increased inventory size (allowing more reserve ammo to be stored)
    • Increased minimum range
    • Added an ADS movement bonus
  • SMG
    • Increased PvE damage for all SMG’s
    • Set Optics to 1.3x
    • Increased inventory size (allowing more reserve ammo to be stored)
  • Linear Fusion Rifle
    • Increased PvE damage for all linear fusions
    • Increased precision multiplier
    • Increased aim assist
    • Reduced flinch multiplier
  • Shotgun
    • Increased PvE damage for all shotguns
    • Increased inventory size (allowing more reserve ammo to be stored)
    • Increased aim assist for Suros precision shotguns
  • Sniper Rifle
    • Increased PvE damage for all snipers
    • Increased precision multiplier
    • Increased aim assist
    • Increased inventory size (allowing more reserve ammo to be stored)
  • Grenade Launcher
    • Increased blast radius
  • Assault Rifles
    • Decreased range and aim assist stats for precision autos (Uriel’s Gift). Base damage is not changed.

A few weapon perks are also getting some updates:

  • High Impact Reserves
    • Increased PvE damage
  • Kill Clip
    • Increased PvE damage
  • Rampage
    • Increased PvE damage
    • Increased duration
  • Dragonfly
    • Increased damage
    • Increased radius
    • Stronger visual effects
  • Grave Robber 
    • Reloads .5 magazine instead of .3
  • Timed Payload
    • Splits damage 55 Explosive / 45 Direct instead of previous split which was more direct damage
  • Explosive Rounds
    • Decreased PvE Explosive Rounds damage
    • This decrease has been compensated for with an increase in PvE damage for the base weapons – your weapons with explosive rounds will not do less damage after 1.1.4

Just like last time, we have a few additional notes to wrap things up.

Mods Rework

First, let’s talk about the changes to the potency of Ability Cooldown Mods. In our last update, we mentioned that we were going to wait and buff ability cooldowns at the same time we dropped the mods rework. Over the last few weeks it has become obvious that the mod rework was going to need more time to come together due to the scope of the changes. That decision, which has already been accounted for in the last Roadmap that you saw, is ultimately going to be a win for all of us. It gives us more time to deliver something we believe will add value to the game. However, we understood we should not delay the much-needed improvements to ability cooldowns. So, while there are many, many improvements to mods planned for the future, we are going to greatly increase the output for Ability Cooldown Mods in Update 1.1.4.


Nightstalkers, the day of reckoning is soon upon us. Our invisible exploits may have barely been seen, but they have most certainly been felt. In 1.1.4 our ability to ninja-smoke out to avoid any and all incoming fire (and/or lightning) is going to be reduced down to pure skill alone… not that we’d ever admit to it being anything but. As one of only two items deemed nerf-worthy on the entire list of incoming Sandbox changes, we as Hunters shall deal with this as we deal with everything: we’ll take it as a compliment and solid proof of our endless supply of talent, and we’ll never, ever let the ‘Locks and Titans hear the end of it.

  • Currently:
    • Initiate Dodge or Throw Smoke
      • Dodging temporarily kills Aim Assist and Projectile Tracking (allowing you to actually Dodge things)
      • Smoke just immediately jumps to…
    • Initiate Invisibility
      • For the duration of Invisibility Aim Assist and Projectile Tracking remain disabled.
    • Dodge Finishes
    • Invisibility Expires
      • Aim Assist and Tracking are re-enabled
  • Coming Soon in 1.1.4 (PvP Only!):
    • Initiate Dodge or Throw Smoke
      • Dodging temporarily kills Aim Assist and Projectile Tracking (allowing you to actually Dodge things)
      • Smoke just immediately jumps to…
    • Initiate Invisibility
    • Dodge Finishes
      • Aim Assist and Tracking are re-enabled
    • Invisibility Expires

Note: Nothing changes for PvE except that they also get the one-second duration increase to Invisibility.


In the last update I mentioned how a nasty bug has crept into our scopes and made it near-impossible for us to correctly tune Sniper Flinch. We have good news! That fix has been implemented and those changes will go live in the 1.2.0 update, planned for May. Sweet, sweet sniper action is on the way. 

This is not the end…

While we are very excited to get this update into your hands, and we believe you’re really going to enjoy the changes, we all know these aren’t the only changes we’ll need to make to address feedback. It’s just the first leg of a long journey. 

We hope this makes the game more fun for you all, that it begins to bring back hero moments, and makes you feel a bit more like tiny gods, but we also hope you know there is more to come and that this gets you excited to come along for the ride.

On that note, below you will find a video pulled from a 1.2.0 playtests that has all the 1.1.4 Sniper changes AND the new Sniper Flinch fixes in and working.

[embedded content]

See you all again soon,

<3 Hamrick

Companions to us all

As Destiny 2 continues to evolve, the team is also hard at work processing feedback and bringing updates to the Companion experience. Today, Associate UX Designer Joey Carpenter is here to walk us through some changes that were deployed to the Companion App earlier this week.

Joey: On Wednesday, we released a utility update to the Destiny Companion App. Now you can modify the shaders, effects, mods, perks, and Masterworks of the items in your inventory on the go. All you need to do is fire up your  companion app and open up the detail view of the item you want to modify.

Find the slot for the mod, perk, shader, effect, or Masterwork on your item and tap what you want to replace it with. If a change you want to perform will cost you something, the cost of the action and how much you currently have to spend will be listed for you. 

This update in particular is exciting as the foundation for this work can eventually be leveraged for other advanced actions on your character and gear. Ever wanted to clear out the cruft that’s built up in your inventory a bit faster? Us, too. Vendor purchasing on the go? Or perhaps it’s time for clearing all of the rare items from your inventory that have accumulated throughout your play session? These are all possible scenarios that we’re considering for future, to make the most of the same system we built. This work also gives us the opportunity to enable third-party developers to take advantage of this functionality, while providing a secure environment where these actions require your explicit approval. We have a bit of work to do before that’s possible, but we’ll keep you informed as we solidify future updates for the API,, and companion app.

As a heads up, this update is currently available on Android. iOS is in the process of being released, but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

Now is prime time to head over to our mobile feedback forums to sound off on what cool new write actions you’d like to see in the future.

In the Know

Recently, we added two new members to Destiny Player Support. You may have encountered them in the #Help forum, troubleshooting issues or sharing Help articles. If you’re having difficulties when attempting to play Destiny 2, they’re at the ready to lend a hand. 

This is their report.

EDZ Destination Emblem

Last week, we noted that players may accrue 38 Ghost scannables on the EDZ Destination Emblem. Through investigation, we have identified that Ghost scannables found at the Farm do not contribute to these emblem statistics. The issue has been escalated to the appropriate team for further investigation.

WiFi: Convenience vs. Stability

While Destiny can be played with a strong and stable WiFi connection, many players have found that using WiFi can increase the likelihood that they will lose their connection to Destiny Services.

Sources of interference for WiFi connections

WiFi is susceptible to a variety of different sources of interference.

  • The process of sending data wirelessly takes time and increases latency. This may increase the total latency of a player’s network to the point where they encounter latency, packet loss, or error code disconnects from Destiny.
  • WiFi connections use one of several frequencies called channels to transmit data. If more than one WiFi network is trying to use the same channel it can create congestion that slows down network traffic. It can even cause data to be lost or the connection to be interrupted.
  • If multiple devices are connected to the same wireless network and attempting to reach the internet at the same time they can interfere with each other.
  • The distance and layout of a player’s console from their WiFi source can also negatively impact signal strength and stability.
  • Some home appliances and consumer electronics, such as microwave ovens, can directly interfere with a network’s WiFi signal.
If you only have WiFi available for online gameplay, visit this page of the Network Troubleshooting Guide for tips on how to strengthen your connection: Network Setup

Shiny and Chrome

Whether you run solo or with a fireteam, the Creations page is open to all who wish to submit moments of greatness. We’re constantly on the lookout for footage that inspires, and this week, we’ve witnessed some stellar gameplay in both PvE and PvP. Give ‘em a watch, maybe you’ll be inspired to take on a Raid boss solo.

Movie of the Week: Solo Argos (Phase 1)

[embedded content]

Honorable Mention: Afterlife

[embedded content]

Cheers to this week’s winners. If you’d like a chance to receive the Lens of Fate Emblem, make sure to tag your submission with #MOTW.

Since Tuesday, we’ve had quite a few players asking about the top Nightfall scores recorded for the Tree of Probabilities Strike. We’ll be highlighting top fireteams each week. As a note: we’re aware of an issue where Lost Sectors are currently contributing points to the Nightfall scorecard, which we are aiming to resolve by Update 1.2.0. Until resolved, you may find the top scores to be… huge!

While the Lost Sector strategy will live until May, we are actively collecting data on scores from percentiles of the player base. Score pars for emblem variants are still at 20, 40, 60, and 80k points, but expect these to be adjusted in the future. High scores achieved through creative use of Lost Sectors will not be factored in when setting these new score pars. We’ll keep you informed through @Bungie on Twitter for what to expect!

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you online.




This Week At Bungie – 3/01/2018

This week at Bungie, we witnessed New Monarchy continue their dynasty. 

New Monarchy is celebrating in the Tower this week. They won their third Faction Rallies event in a row—the three-peat is real. Future War Cult remains winless, but they did narrowly edge out Dead Orbit for the second place slot.

Future War Cult will get another shot at getting their first win when the factions return to the Tower to compete again. Will Dead Orbit return to glory? Or will New Monarchy continue their dominance with a fourth straight win? 

You will decide. 

Fe Banner

After the faction leaders pack up to leave the Tower, Saladin will be passing them in the Hanger as he makes his return. It’s time to relight the burning shield and prepare to battle your fellow Guardians.

Begins: Tuesday, March 6

Ends: Tuesday, March 13

The game is Clash!

Lord Saladin will have three featured weapons available for you to obtain directly from him. Here are his offerings: 

If you weren’t able to finish off the challenges required to unlock all of your ornaments during the last event, your progress will carry over. So start punching everyone you see to earn that chest ornament! 

Changes are coming to Iron Banner and the Crucible. We’ll give you more specifics very soon…

The Aforementioned Future Crucible Plans

…Very soon, as in this section. The Crucible team has been working hard on a few updates to Guardian vs. Guardian action that the team plans to deliver in Update 1.1.4. We invited PvP Design Lead Derek Carroll to drop some knowledge on what they have in store for us. 

Derek: The PvP team has been on fire these past few weeks, filling Update 1.1.4 with as much awesomeness as we can. Our beloved Test team is right there with us in the labs as we put the new content through its paces.

Some highlights:

Iron Banner will channel that old-school Crucible in the style of the Iron Lords. We’ve made a number of tweaks to the gameplay besides increasing team sizes to 6v6:

  • Match time limit is 12 minutes 
  • Score limit is 125 points
  • Respawn time is 7 seconds
  • All control zones start off neutral
  • Control zones take slightly longer to capture by default
  • Additional Guardians (max of 3) in a zone increases capture speed
  • Guardians participating in a capture get more Super energy

Rumble will make its triumphant return, with no excuses, no complications, and absolutely no points for “assists”. You get a single point when you get a kill, just like in the golden age of video games. Oh, and this time, we increased the player count to eight.

Mayhem is still Mayhem.

These three modes will share a central location on the Crucible Director page, and rotate weekly to keep things fresh.  This Weekly Featured playlist will be home to gametypes that don’t necessarily fit into the existing Quickplay or Competitive playlists.

The Mode Formerly Known as “Doubles” is in its chrysalis, making a slow transition from what you played during Crimson Days to become a beautiful butterfly.  We love the way it played in Crimson Days, but felt like we could take it further and give it more polish and flexibility.  Once we lock that down, we’ll release it into the Weekly Featured rotating playlist with the other fun stuff. For now, we are unsure of a release date, but we’ll add it the Road Map when we are more certain of when it will land.

There are, of course, other cool features coming in 1.1.4 that will make everyone’s lives better (unless they’re habitual quitters), and we’ll be sure to talk more about them as launch day approaches. 

Nightfall Scoring Q&A

Nightfall scoring went live on Tuesday. We’re monitoring the initial feedback on the changes. There were some common questions being asked about modifiers and score tiers. We asked the team working on these changes to clarify a few things. 

How do players acquire Nightfall emblem variants?

Dev Team: Nightfall emblem variants have a chance to drop from Nightfall completions. It’s not related to challenges, and it’s not a guaranteed drop. For each variant, the chance increases from 0% to as high as 50% at specific score thresholds per variant. Currently, those thresholds are as follows:

Tier 1: 20k

Tier 2: 40k

Tier 3: 60k

Tier 4: 80k

Why aren’t those tiers visible in-game, and will they ever change?

Dev Team: We’re planning to adjust the score thresholds as we come to better understand what the community considers an impressive high score, and we don’t currently have a great way to display dynamic settings like that. Every week that a Nightfall returns, we may increase the Aura threshold based on community high scores from the previous week that Nightfall was active. We’ll do that based on some percentile of the community, potentially the top 10%. The current 60k threshold is based on internal playtests—we expect the community to be better than us, so it should be expected that threshold will increase the next time “Tree of Probabilities” comes around.

Why were base Nightfall modifiers removed?

Dev Team: The removal of the base modifiers from Nightfall is because we want to emphasize core combat in this initial release and let the community define the meta for a high-scoring Nightfall run. We can certainly revisit the modifiers in the future—they’re not dead and buried. Open to player feedback.

Note: We are currently investigating an issue where Heroic Mercury Adventure modifiers are not appearing for some players. This was not intentional, and we’ll update you on the status of the issue when we have more information.

We’re planning on reporting the top three fireteam high scores each week. Right now, Json#11981, Mercer#11929, and loaked#11981 are leading with a score of 222,873. Think you can best them before the reset? We’ll post the top scores next Tuesday after the reset.

Spawning Woes

We are always squashing bugs in the live game. You can read about a few issues we fixed with the 1.1.3 Update earlier this week. Some bugs are proving tougher to fix. If you are a raider, you may have experienced an issue we are currently investigating that causes some members of your fireteam to not spawn back in after a wipe. We haven’t solved the problem yet, but we asked Raid Test Lead John Guesnier to shed some light on this bug and some possible workarounds while we work on a fix. 

John: Hello, I’m the Raids Test Lead for Destiny 2. I understand how frustrating it can be when players frequently encounter an issue in our raids. Nobody takes it more to heart than the Test team. Creating complex encounters that function as expected is the pinnacle of what the Raid team strives for in every release. 

Our Raid team is made up of team members from all disciplines, and when an issue can be identified and fixed by scripting (what we call a content fix), we can make that fix without pulling too many resources from what we want to share with players next. When an issue needs to be fixed by an engineer (what we call a code fix), a solution becomes much more difficult to find, as it touches all systems within Destiny 2—not just a specific activity.

The issue where players do not respawn in the “Leviathan” raid is a memory issue due to the size and complexity of the activity, and it will require a code fix. It is caused when a fireteam splits up across large distances while others remain back and swap out their gear. This has seemed to be occurring more often in recent weeks because we have updated our loot tables in order to make the “Leviathan” raid a more rewarding experience, with more incentives to return to. We are still investigating a code fix for the problem. 

In the meantime, you can avoid this issue by sticking together as a team while trying out your sweet new loot. We realize that this is not an acceptable fix, but we wanted to give you info on how you can try to mitigate the issue while we work on it. If you do happen to hit this issue even following those steps, then reequipping the armor set you had when you spawned into the activity may return your Guardian to action.

Known Knowns

New updates sometimes introduce new issues. Destiny Player Support is currently tracking a few that popped up after this week’s update.

This is their report.

Update 1.1.3 Known Issues

The following issues have been identified since the release of Destiny Update 1.1.3:

  • Mercury Heroic Adventures
    • Modifiers are currently not available for some players on Mercury Heroic adventures. We are currently investigating this issue and targeting resolution in Destiny Update 1.1.4.
  • Destination Emblem Statistics
    • The EDZ destination emblem currently only displays 38 of the 41 total Ghost scannables after they have been found.
    • Ghost Scannables Found statistics do not update until a player returns to orbit, or until a player unequips and reequips the emblem.
  • Prestige Challenge Card Score Multipliers
    • We have identified an issue where score multipliers present on Challenge Cards do not update properly when players are selecting Singe modifiers. As we investigate this issue, players may work around this issue by toggling the Power Handicap up or down.

If you encounter any issues when playing Destiny 2, please post a report to the #Help forum detailing your experience.

Movie Magic

Do you like it better when dmg04 oversees Movie of the Week? Do I look like I care? Get back in there!

Moving on. If you aren’t familiar with how MOTW works, here is the gist of it. Every week, you can submit videos to the Creations page. We pick a few of our favorites, and the winners get an emblem. If you want to be one of said winners, submit your video. Make sure you list everyone who works on it in the description of the video, so we know who to send emblems to.

Now, without further ado, here are this week’s winners:

Movie of the Week: The Farm Piano Cover

[embedded content]

Honorable mention: Fat Stacks

[embedded content]

I don’t know about you, but I still have some challenges to complete in Iron Banner. I’ve been looking forward to Saladin’s return to unlock some of those sweet, sweet ornaments.

Time flies. It’s already March, and 1.1.4 will be deployed before the end of the month. We’ll be talking more about it soon. We’ll also keep you up to date on the roadmap and other upcoming changes further down the line. 

Apparently, I’ve been summoned to court next week. No, I’m not in any trouble. I have to do my civic duty as a juror. Point is, dmg04 will be writing your TWAB next week. Feel free to fill up his mentions with what you think he should write about.

See you in the Iron Banner. 

<3 Cozmo


Destiny 2 Update – 2/27/2018

Destiny Update 1.1.3 – The one about Nightfall Strike Scoring.

Nightfall Strike Scoring

  • Both normal and Prestige Nightfall now have scoring
    • Enemy kills and orb generation will accrue points
    • Highest set scores will display on each Nightfall’s respective emblem
    • Scores above a target value will enable the Nightfall Aura and a fireteam Vanguard Token bonus
    • Total team score will be displayed at the end of the Nightfall in the PGCR

Nightfall Challenge Cards

  • The Prestige Nightfall challenge card allows players to select modifiers for the Prestige Nightfall that affect gameplay and score multipliers
    • Players can select active Elemental modifiers to boost outgoing and incoming damage
    • Players can opt into using a power handicap that will lower their character power level in the Prestige Nightfall but raise the score multiplier
    • Extinguish is always on when applying the Nightfall Challenge Card. If the full fireteam wipes in a respawning restricted area, the fireteam will be returned to orbit
  • Cards cannot be modified once the activity has been launched
  • These cards will drop for DLC owners in the normal or Prestige Nightfall
  • The fireteam leader’s card is applied to the entire fireteam when launching the Prestige Nightfall

Emblem Variants

  • Crucible Emblems
    • Victorious Veteran tracks your lifetime Crucible kills and how many of each class you’ve defeated
    • Victorious Veteran has six variants: the first three variants are class specific, the last three are unlocked after defeating 1000 of that class in PVP
    • This emblem can be purchased from Shaxx after opening 10 faction packages
  • Destination Emblems
    • Lost Sector Emblems have been changed into Destination Emblems that track Lost Sectors Found, Region Chests Opened, and Ghost Scans Discovered
      • Note: Mercury only tracks Lost Sectors and Region Chests
    • Each Destination Emblem has four variants in addition to the default emblem
    • Each variant has a chance to drop from chests in the destination
    • For players who did not have the respective Lost Sector emblems, they may purchase the new destination emblems from the respective vendors after opening 10 faction packages
  • Nightfall Emblems
    • New Nightfall Emblems exist for each individual Nightfall strike and track your high score in that strike
    • Each Nightfall Emblem has 3 variants in addition to the default emblem, these variants have a chance to drop when you hit a certain score tier and complete the Nightfall


  • Raid Emblem “Glory To The Emperor” tracks total Leviathan clears on Prestige difficulty and unlocks the orange Prestige Raid Aura if you’ve completed a Prestige difficulty raid activity in the last 14 days
  • Trials Emblem “You Are Worthy”  tracks number of flawless tickets and unlocks the blue Trials Aura if you’ve gone flawless in the last 14 days
  • Nightfall Emblems awarded from completing each Nightfall strike track your high score in the respective Nightfall and unlock an aura if your high score in that strike is higher than a global target score


  • Opt-in Text Chat for PC is now available in Social Spaces and Public Areas
  • Fireteam members now appear on Destination Map
  • Damage Reduction granted by Armor Masterworks while a Super ability is active has been increased from 3% to 5% per armor piece
  • Fixed an issue where Ammo Masterworks could decrease the maximum ammo capacity of a weapon
  • Fixed an issue where some players would have irretrievable items within the Postmaster
  • The Eater of Worlds Raid Lair will now grant Faction Tokens during Faction Rallies events
  • The Seeker of Brilliance and Seeker of Opulence perks on the Contender Ghost Shell may now trigger during the Crossing encounter of the Eater of Worlds Raid Lair
  • Fixed an issue in Trials of the Nine where players could receive erroneous losses if the opposing team left before match start
  • Fixed an issue where players could encounter BAT errors when joining a Mercury Adventure
  • Fixed an issue where players were placed facing the wrong direction after dunking an item during public events
  • Fixed an issue where the Phoenix Dive Warlock Ability could be used to get out of the intended playspace
  • Helm of Saint-14 no longer affects allies when guarding with the Sentinel Shield Super
  • The Insurmountable Skullfort Titan Exotic now properly has three stat points
  • Projectiles from the Colony Exotic Grenade Launcher properly track enemies on PC when frame rate is set higher than 30 FPS

This Week at Bungie – 2/22/2018

This week at Bungie, the factions are rallying again. Future War Cult is aiming for its first win in the Faction Rallies event, but it won’t be taken easily. New Monarchy is eyeballing its third victory (in a row, mind you), with legions of dedicated players hitting the grind on public events, Crucible, and Lost Sectors. With a few new rewards to entice a change in pledges of loyalty, it’s up in the air as to who will claim victory. We’ll find out next week, once Faction Rallies comes to a conclusion and the Tower is decorated with the banners of the victor.

Course Correction

The most important element of making a plan is being open to the fact that it will change. We’ve updated the Destiny 2 Development Roadmap with some new information. Exotic repetition reduction and Nightfall Strike unique rewards have each been moved out to Destiny Update 1.1.4. Additionally, Exotic weapon and armor sandbox changes have been delayed to Destiny update 1.2.0, to grant proper time to test and implement these changes.

Teams are hard at work ensuring these upcoming features not only meet a proper quality bar, but also don’t endanger other aspects of the game with potential bugs or issues. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way to make sure you know when to expect items to be released.

Say My Name

Next week, Destiny update 1.1.3 will introduce Nightfall Strike Scoring, the first version of the Prestige Nightfall Challenge Card, and emblem variants. Two weeks ago, we went through how Nightfall Emblems are changing. Joining us again to go a bit deeper, here’s Senior Design Lead Tyson Green to talk about the upcoming emblem and aura changes:
Tyson: Emblems in Destiny have been positioned as a vanity collectible, with a few exceptional (and popular) emblems that reflect noteworthy achievements. In D2, we started to pivot emblems more towards the latter example by adding stat displays to some of them. Now, we want to go further in the direction of emblems as a means of exposing achievement.

First, we’re exposing more stats on emblems and making those emblems more available to players who want to display those stats. For example, the Crucible emblems that advertise wins or KDA can now be obtained directly from Shaxx after 10 Crucible rep packages (if you don’t get one earlier). We’re also deploying a new emblem that advertises your Crucible kills, which are broken down by class so you can see who find themselves in your crosshairs most often. 

Second, we’re collapsing auras into emblems and removing them as standalone items. This means that existing Raid, Trials, and new Nightfall Emblems will provide the existing aura effects to players, and future emblems can also roll out new effects. These auras are conditional—for example, you still have to go Flawless or do a Prestige Clear to activate them. Some of these auras will also come with fireteam bonuses, so when they see that aura over you, they know who is giving them that benefit.

Lastly, we’re introducing variants to some emblems. If an Emblem indicates high achievement and lots of players use it, we didn’t want that to mean that everyone looks the same. But we still want achievement emblems to be recognizable as such. Variants are being introduced to allow visible achievement without losing the recognizable identity of the emblem. Some variants are unlocked via conditions—the new Crucible Kills Emblem unlocks some fun “class foe” variations after you down a thousand Guardians of that class. Others are drops from sources like destination chests or Nightfalls, and some of these might be quite rare.

An example that ties this all together are the new Nightfall Emblems. Obtained by completing specific Nightfall Strikes, these emblems display your highest personal score in that Nightfall. In the future, we hope to display your clan’s highest score too. These emblems have several variants each, which drop from that specific Nightfall, but in some cases only above certain score thresholds (and we expect some to be quite rare.) And finally, these emblems enable the purple Nightfall Aura as well as a fireteam bonus to Vanguard Token drops, but only if your personal high score is above a par-score. That will start off at a value selected from internal playtests but we plan to adjust it based on your (the community’s) posted scores each time a Nightfall comes around.

This is the first round of this new direction; we hope to do more, and to learn from your response to it. Future releases may revisit or add new emblems for underserved achievements, or more variants for popular emblems.

Bug Stompers

Whether it’s at deployment prep time or immediately after an update has shipped, Destiny Player Support is always on the watch for reports of rising issues. You can find them in the #Help forum, distributing helpful articles or collecting information to escalate to internal teams for investigation.

This is their report.

Destiny Update 1.1.3 Maintenance and Downtime

Next week, Destiny 2 services will undergo maintenance in preparation for Destiny Update 1.1.3. Please see below for the timeline of maintenance windows.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Destiny services will undergo backend maintenance. No downtime is expected. Maintenance will begin at 10 AM PST (1800 UTC) and is expected to conclude at 12 PM PST (2000 UTC).

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Destiny services will be brought offline for maintenance. Destiny Update 1.1.3 will also become available upon maintenance completion. Please see below for the timeline of the maintenance window.

  • 8 AM PST – (1600 UTC)
    • Destiny server maintenance is schedules to begin
    • Players may no longer sign in to Destiny services
  • 9 AM PST – (1700 UTC)
    • Players still in Destiny 2 activities will be returned to the title screen
    • Destiny 2 Update 1.1.3 will be available to download and install
  • 10 AM PST – (1800 UTC)
    • Destiny server maintenance is scheduled to conclude
If you have any issues when downloading or installing Destiny Update 1.1.3, please post a report to the #Help forum detailing your experience.

Patch Notes Preview

The following are general patch notes from Destiny Update 1.1.3.

  • Fixing an issue where the Phoenix Dive ability can be used to get out of the intended playspace
  • Fixing an issue where players could receive a loss in Trials of the Nine if opponents leave multiple matches in a row
  • The Crucible Helmet Ornament will now gain unlock progress from Trials of the Nine wins in addition to competitive match wins
  • Projectiles from the Colony Exotic properly track enemies on PC when frame rate is set higher than 30 FPS

Stay tuned for a full list of patch notes, which we expect to make available alongside Destiny Update 1.1.3.


Last week, I was out with the flu. It’s absolutely horrendous this year, and I highly recommend getting a flu shot at your earliest convenience. It did give me some time to sit back and watch a plethora of community created content on the Creations page, though. These movies have taken the top spot for Destiny related entertainment this week, and their creators will be granted an awesome emblem in-game for their troubles.

Movie of the Week: First we dance, then we fight

[embedded content]

Honorable Mention: Crimson Days – Grenades and Fists Only

[embedded content]

Honorable Mention: Run from Acrius

[embedded content]

It’s always a pleasure to write the TWaB, and with this week’s announcement about my new gig, you’ll see me around these parts more often. We’re eager to hear your feedback on Nightfall Strike Scoring, and we will be watching for new threads in the #Feedback forum once the feature goes live. Thanks to all who stop by and share their thoughts, as player feedback is integral to the growth of Destiny 2. As we continue on the path of the roadmap, we’ll continue to keep you up to date on any forecast changes as they occur.
Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you next time.




Destiny 2 Development Roadmap – February 21 2018

Game Director Christopher Barrett:

A few weeks ago, we shared a Destiny 2 Development Roadmap to preview some changes we’re working on for Destiny 2. As we’ve mentioned before, the roadmap is our current best estimate, and we’ll do our best to update you as our plans unfold.

With today’s update we’ve moved a few items out to later releases – this is because we are trying to ensure each feature we add hits a sufficiently high quality bar. So while we really wanted to get Nightfall Strike Unique Weapons into your hands next week to coincide with Nightfall Scoring, it’s more important that each of those rewards live up to the difficulty it will take to earn them. They have to be super cool, so we’re giving the artists extra time to make sure they are… super cool. Mod System Improvements are also still planned, but will not be available when 1.2.0 is released. We’ll give more details on when to expect these changes at a future date.

We also have a big addition we’re eager share – Rumble will be joining 6v6 Iron Banner and Mayhem in our new rotating weekly Crucible playlist in 1.1.4. We want to make sure players have a more diverse set of game modes available in both Crucible and Private Matches. Doubles is also planned to return, but we do not have an exact release date just yet. Keep an eye out for next week’s TWAB where we’ll go into more depth with our future Crucible plans.  

There’s lots more we’re eager to talk about in the coming weeks. We promise to be as transparent as possible and keep you updated as we go. We hope you’re along for the ride.

<3 Chris


Field Promotion

Back in November, your friendly neighborhood community manager Cozmo stepped away from the studio to bring some new life into our shared world. When we realized that we needed someone to fill his chair temporarily, naming dmg04 as Acting Community Manager was an easy decision. Since the first year of Destiny, he has been one click away from the community team as an anonymous voice on the #Help forum. In every weekly blog address since Oryx entered our solar system, he’s been the silent partner who has written the ‘What’s Up, DOC?’ report on behalf of the Player Support team.

If you follow the conversation about Bungie closely, you might have heard the one about the new Community Manager we were looking to hire. Whenever Bungie seeks a player to lead the community they call home, it sparks obvious curiosity. Conspiracy theories immediately pointed to my imminent departure, but the rumors of my pending death have been greatly exaggerated. This was a bid for reinforcement, not replacement.

After an extensive search and many conversations, we realized that what we were looking for was right under our noses the whole time – and he was already kicking ass. It is my pleasure to introduce Dylan Gafner as the newest addition to the community team. This may be confusing, since he has been doing the job for months. Today, we’re making it official. This is no longer a temporary title. He’s partners with Cozmo, now.

The idea of a “Community Manager” means many things to many people. They can be equal parts court jester, combat correspondent, best friend, first responder, security guard, detective, nation builder, case worker, and air traffic controller. Each person who accepts the mission weaves those strands together to create their own unique specialty. In Dylan, we see a problem solver who tackles player reports and works with his peers to drive toward solutions. He’s been a tireless translator on the border between players and developers.

Here are some words from the man himself about what this new gig means to him.

Dylan: Hey, all. This isn’t the first time I’ve introduced myself, but I’d like to say hello again.

Since joining in 2004, this has been a career that I’ve dreamed about. It’s fun to think that my path here began with a simple desire to earn a cool emblem in a Bungie game by creating an account on the website. From there, I joined my first Clan (The WorkPLace) and attended my first of many PAX events in 2011. Eventually, I threw all of my stuff into a ’97 Ford Explorer to drive from San Diego to Seattle to start a job on the Destiny Player Support team in 2015. Since then, I’ve kept my nose to the grindstone in communicating known issues, preparing support documentation for Destiny releases, and volunteering my thumbs for various Twitch reveals.

I’m extremely grateful that this new opportunity as Community Manager is a chance for me to give back to a community that I’ve known through fourteen years of gameplay, friendship, laughter, and ridiculous fun. We’ve recently promised an increase in communication surrounding Destiny 2, our future plans, and even issues that we’re tracking. My goal in joining the community team is to give a pulse to the status of development, investigations in process, or setting expectations for upcoming features. We have a roadmap to follow, and I’m excited to keep you informed along the way.
With that said, let’s get down to business. You can find me responding to threads on the forums, jumping into conversations as @a_dmg04 on Twitter, and providing content for the Bungie Blog. I will continue to work with the Destiny Player Support team in communicating about known issues or upcoming maintenance windows, which can be found on, and @BungieHelp on Twitter.

Thanks for playing, and thank you for your passion. It’s truly an inspiration each day.




This Week At Bungie – 2/15/2018

This week at Bungie, we invited you to celebrate Crimson Days with us.

The decorations are up, the rewards are flowing, and teams of two are waging battle in the Crucible. You can get the full details on the event here. The celebration continues until the weekly reset at 9 AM PST on February 20.

When one celebration ends, another begins.

Rally Caps

Faction Rallies is returning next week. The event kicks off at 9 AM PST on February 20. This time, you can knock out Lost Sectors as fast as you can kill the bosses with no timers to hold you back. Start thinking about which faction deserves your loyalty. New Monarchy has won the last two rallies. Can they three-peat? 

New Monarchy

Dead Orbit

Future War Cult

If this is your first Faction Rallies, here is what you need to know. First, visit the Tower and pledge your loyalty to one of the factions. Then, it’s time to set out into the wild to complete various activities. Once you’ve earned enough tokens to qualify for a reward, exchange them for packages full of loot. 

There will be some new weapons added to the packages for this event. Here is what we are adding to the reward pool:

That’s not all that is at stake. At the end of the event, the faction with the most packages redeemed will offer their prized weapon as a reward. Those who were loyal to the winner get a big discount and can pick it up for 1,000 Glimmer. Everyone else can still get it at 50,000 Glimmer. Here is what the factions have to offer in the event they are victorious:

New Monarchy Pulse Rifle

Dead Orbit Pulse Rifle

Future War Cult Scout rifle

Three factions face off again, their fates directly tied to your choices. Will Future War Cult finally win the day?

Fine Tuning

A few weeks ago, Josh Hamrick stopped by to give us an update on Sandbox changes. He mentioned that his visit was the first of many from the Sandbox team and that “This meal will span many courses.” It’s time for the next course.

Senior Designer Jon Weisnewski is visiting us from the kitchen with an update on the Exotic Tuning Pass our team is working on diligently to make Exotics more “Exotic-er.”

Jon: Hello players! I’m here to talk to you about the work going into the Exotic Tuning Pass on the D2 road map.

When Destiny first launched, we built, play-tested, and shipped a batch of Exotic weapons that we hoped would be worthy of your time and hype. Shortly after release, we were happily inundated with a mountain of player feedback. This allowed us to check our assumptions, do some tuning, and push out one of the first Destiny sandbox updates which were solely focused on Exotic weapons. We’re doing this again with Destiny 2 and this time we’re including Exotic weapons and armor. 

Gameplay goals for this pass:

  • Tuning pass on Exotic gear focused on adding and/or increasing player Power spikes. 
  • Focus on low-usage items, but all items are being considered. 
  • Lean into an item’s established gameplay and push it harder. Avoid catch-all improvements that dilute item identity. 

So how does this play out? We can look at Graviton Lance as an example. The functional concept is a weapon that fires two Cosmic Void rounds that create a zero-air-resistance tunnel for a high-caliber precision shot to fire through. The first two rounds have almost no recoil and prime the air, and the third round does high damage with no falloff. A kill knocks the body back with considerable force, it tumbles, and then explodes.

Resounding player feedback has been along the lines of “looks great, sounds great, neat explosion! I can’t get kills in PVP because all the damage is at the end of the burst, kicks too hard for the follow up, and I can’t reliably damage targets with the death explosion in any activity because the body goes flying too far backwards.” 

All spectacle, not enough utility. 

To target the first pain point we reduced the recoil of the burst, added some aim assist, and changed it from three rounds to two. This still plays into the fantasy of a low-damage gravity-neutralizing round forming a projectile tunnel for the last bullet. It also allows us to ensure the damage per burst is at a competitive level for PVP engagements. In fact, it gives Graviton a slight mathematical edge against other pulse rifles.

On the second feedback item, we did some tuning to the ragdoll body. We made it so that rather than violently flying backwards and likely out of range of a potential splash damage opportunity, the defeated opponent floats back and up. Then we made the explosion bigger, increased the damage, and added some void field projectiles that seek out any remaining targets.

This is one of the more exaggerated examples to help describe how we’re looking at our goals and applying them to the gear. At the time of this writing, the weapons that ARE NOT getting an update are Merciless , Telesto, Wardcliff Coil, MIDA Multi Tool, Colony, Legend of Acrius, and Vigilance Wing. Some of the above perform well without needing changes, while others, like the Vigilance Wing Pulse Rifle, are already benefitting from the tuning changes planned for Update 1.1.4. Everything else has had some degree of power or utility increase, whether it’s simply bumping a stat or some deeper plumbing as described above.

We’ll be touching a lot of powerful gear with this update and to truly understand the impact for players requires a lot of design iteration and test time. It isn’t enough to crank up the damage and run one strike or Crucible match with a gun and helmet and move on. Dialing in the right amount of power, testing in all activities with all types of load outs, finding the bugs, fixing the bugs, updating the perk description text to reflect new behavior, and then handing that off to localization for translation—it’s a ton of work, but we’re up to it. We sincerely appreciate your patience. I believe it will be worth the wait.

We’ll be back soon to talk about Exotic Masterworks as well! Until then, continue being excellent to each other.

Crimson Clarity

The Help forum is your one-stop shop for all things help-related. Our Player Support team is constantly searching for any issues and sharing out their findings. 

This is their report.

Crimson Days Clarifications

Crimson Days is live in Destiny 2, and lasts until the weekly reset on February 20. Upon monitoring chatter from players, we’d like to take the opportunity to clarify the following:

  • The Burnout Crucible map, introduced to Destiny 2 for Crimson Days, is exclusive to the Crimson Days Crucible playlist only until Crimson Days ends on February 20. From then on, it will be joining existing maps in the Crucible rotation.
  • The Undeterred Exotic Sparrow, earned by participating in the Crimson Days Crucible playlist, does not come from the Crimson Engram and does not contribute to the Crimson Engram knock-out mechanic. The Undefeated Exotic Sparrow does contribute to the Crimson Engram knock-out list when obtained, and is only available through Crimson Engrams or Eververse Trading Co.


Earlier this week we deployed Destiny 2 Hotfix This hotfix removed timers on Lost Sector rewards, and adjusted Lost Sector chest behavior to only open once per boss defeated. 


Straight from the Creations page to your device of choice. The movies are here.

Every week, we search for a few community created videos to share with you here. If your movie gets chosen we will send you a special emblem in Destiny 2. To enter, just send your movie to the Creations page. If you do win, make sure you put the names of the creators in the description of the video so we can get you your emblem. Here are this week’s winners:

Movie of the Week: Drop the Mic

[embedded content]

Honorable Mention: Monster

[embedded content]

We still have a few more days of 2v2 action in Crimson Days. And then we roll right into Faction Rallies. I’ve been really enjoying grabbing a partner and facing off against two worthy adversaries. We’re always interested in what your thoughts are as well. We’re collecting some feedback on the Crimson Days playlist here.

I think I might pledge to Future War Cult next week. Starting to feel sorry for them. Who’s with me?

<3 Cozmo


Destiny 2 Hotfix – 02/13/2018

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